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Need a fence but can't afford to have it installed? You might consider installing it yourself. Almost anyone with a little determination can install almost any type of fencing. And, depending on your skill level, a DIY fence can be every bit as good as a professional installation. We also have an online store: The Online Fence Store. On the store website are some helpful pages for the DIY. These pages describe different types of fence and how they are installed. On some of them there is a listing of fence parts with their descriptions. Also, most of the fence types include a material calculator that you can use to part out your fence. Select any picture to be taken to the respective web page. Please keep in mind that The Online Fence Store ships only fittings and accessories. You can always call us and we will part out your fence for you. There is no need to go to a big box store and push an orange cart around looking for fence parts. We will part out your fence for you and then load your vehicle as well. We have the lowest prices on any complete fence package of comparable quality.

Installing your own fence can actually be a good choice. You save money and you can put it in on your time frame. Because we do such quality installs we can get very busy during the summer months. When you do it yourself you decide when the fence will be installed. For any fence installation safety should be your primary concern. Call U-Dig before beginning digging post holes. They will mark all public utilities. Their service is free and can possibly prevent an injury or death. Be sure that you mark the locations of all private utilities before you dig. If you have an underground sprinklers then mark those sprinkler lines as well. We provide high quality supplies for most types of fences. You can go to our products or gallery pages to help you decide what type of fence interests you.

Let Montana Fence be a part of your next fencing project. We have the quality materials, and the expert advice, to help you install your own fence. If you have questions or concerns about installing your own fence be sure to let us know. We want your fence to be the best fence possible within your budget.

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