5 Benefits of a Wood and Metal Fence for Your Property

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Fence options—there are so many! Wood, vinyl, and chainlink are some of the names many people recognize, but today we’re talking about one of our favorite choices at Montana Fence: our wood and metal fence. This unique fence style is made of wood paneling paired with a sturdy metal post called a PostMaster. The wood and metal privacy fence is known for many benefits, including longevity, simple maintenance, enhanced property value, excellent return on investment, looks, and—last but not least—privacy. Below we’ll review how a wood and metal privacy fence can withstand Montana weather, add privacy to your home, and complement your home’s aesthetic.  

Longevity and Maintenance

Everyone loves the classic wood fence look, but what people don’t love about wood is the rot, breakage, and shorter lifespan of wood fencing. That’s where combining wood with a metal post comes in and saves the day! A wood fence with metal posts helps to increase the life of your fence and lowers the amount of maintenance required each year to keep your fence looking fresh and performing well. 

Many of our homeowners chose a wood and metal fence for their home due to its ability to stand up against harsh Montana weather, like snow, hail, sleet, and wind. Here are a few examples of why wood and metal fences are a durable choice for your Montana home: 

  • Wood and metal fences use galvanized steel for the posts, eliminating the threat of rot in winter and spring.
  • There’s a decreased chance of wood warping due to the extra stability provided by the metal posts.
  • Depending on the soil and moisture level of the ground, selecting metal posts for your wood fence could help extend the fence’s life by 15-30 more years.
  • Very little maintenance is needed to upkeep a wood and metal fence. Usually, only a bit of staining and painting is needed to keep the fence looking new, and rust control is only required when the need arises. 

Increased Property Value 

Adding a fence to any property will increase the property value, but adding a wood and metal fence will enhance the value more than some other types of fence. The durability of this style makes the property more valuable, as the fence will not require as much maintenance compared to a barbed wire or wood-only fence. Wood and metal fences typically cost more than other materials, but the overall return on investment makes it all worthwhile. 

Worth the Cost 

Although the cost of privacy fencing is more than other fencing options, it is very affordable when weighing the cost against the overall benefits. The lifespan of a privacy fence like this is very long compared to other types of fencing. PostMaster posts do not rot and their custom shape, which includes pre-drilled holes along the length of the post, accommodates any layout. This also makes small repairs, like swapping out a picket, super easy. This means that there are few recurring costs, making a wood and metal fence worth the initial up-front investment.

Like other types of fences, the initial cost for the fence itself will depend on a number of factors. At Montana Fence, we offer free fencing estimates, so reach out to us today for a free estimate. Below are a few of the general factors that contribute to the overall cost of a new fence:

  • Material 
  • Layout including gates
  • Size or total linear footage 
  • Installation Difficulty 

Wonderful Aesthetic Appeal 

Here’s the deal with a wood fence with metal posts: they just look great! The custom shape of a PostMaster allows the post to be covered by wood so you get the look of a classic wood fence with the added longevity that metal provides. The finished posts are slimmer than a traditional 4”x4” post adding a modern touch to a classic style.  We offer a range of wood privacy fence styles, including traditional dog-ear cedar, cap and trim, horizontal privacy, and more! All of these can include a steel post as an alternative as it can adapt to almost every wood fence style.

Tons of Privacy 

If you love having a fence that offers you a lot of privacy, a wood and metal fence is for you! These fences decrease the visibility in and out of your yard, making them a great choice for families, couples, or anyone wanting to have their own uninterrupted space. Wood and metal fence material will also add safety to your property by reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and outside pests, like rodents. 

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Adding a fence to your property can be a stressful process to tackle on your own. At Montana Fence, we’re here to help you through the ins and outs of installing a new fence so your stress is minimal and the experience goes smoothly. Having a durable fence that provides you ample protection and privacy is crucial, so we’d love to discuss any and all questions you may have about adding a wood and metal fence to your property. Give us a call at one of our Montana or Idaho locations today or visit our website to start your fence journey!

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