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We are a locally owned and operated fence contractor serving Montana since 1977. From professional installations to do-it-yourself projects to commercial work, we have the materials and expertise to help you get everything you need for your next fence.

About Us

Our History

 Now a second-generation family-owned business, Montana Fence has become one of the largest fence contractors in the Pacific Northwest. In our 40 years of service, we’ve continually found ways to progress and perfect the craft of fencing. Check out our story here.

About Us

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We are committed to using only high quality materials for both retail and installation. Check out some of our top of the line vendors and some of the amazing products we carry.

The Importance of Giving Back

Community Involvement

We strive to be involved in our local communities and pay it forward where we can. Whether that’s in the form of donations, sponsorships, materials, or time, we believe in supporting the community that’s supported us. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of giving back. This is why we regularly donate to local schools, law enforcement, and nonprofits. Below are some of the organizations we’ve had the pleasure of contributing toward. 

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Process for Installation and how to prep

So you’ve put down your deposit, YAY! We’re excited to work with you! There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your fence installation goes smoothly and you get exactly what you need. We give an approximate timeline of installation, but things like...

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Pounded Posts vs. Concrete Set for Chain Link

The traditional method of setting chain link fence posts is to “set” in concrete. When using this process, it is very important to dig post holes below the frost line (usually 24-36” depending on the area) and to bell out the bottom of the hole. Even with this...

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What is the best time to stain your fence?

Wood fences can last for decades if they’re well taken care of and that starts with a high quality stain and/or sealant. Wood itself has pores and the openness of these pores can determine how well the stain soaks into the material and in turn, how long that stain...

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