How To Choose An Aesthetic Fence That’s Also Functional

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Fencing is a functional necessity for your home and yard’s safety, but who says it can’t look good too? There are many moving parts to consider when deciding what type of fence to build and how it should look to complement your style. We know this process can be a headache, so we compiled a list of factors that weigh into the decision of building a functional and aesthetic fence. Here are some tips to consider while choosing a fence that’s perfect for you: 

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Fence

Fence Material

Fencing material is one of the top considerations when deciding on the type and style of fence you want. Whether your fence protects your yard and adds security or adds backyard ambiance, we can help determine what material is right for you. Below are the fence materials that we provide at Montana Fence as well as the benefit of each product:

  • Chain Link Fence: This is an inexpensive fencing option known for high visibility, low maintenance, quick installation, high durability, and high security. Because of the visibility levels of chain link, flowers and gardens can access more sunlight, leaving your yard blooming and beautiful!
  • Ornamental Iron Fence: Like chain link fence, ornamental iron is durable, low maintenance, and has high security. Ornamental iron fence is known for its timeless elegance that adds to any home’s aesthetic. 
  • Vinyl Fence: This fence is great for people looking to browse a variety of styles. Vinyl comes in many different styles compared to other materials and is known for being flexible, strong, and low maintenance. Vinyl material hits home with a white picket aesthetic fence that pairs with any property. 
  • Wood Fence: Wood is a classic material with many benefits. Wood fence is cost-efficient, interchangeable when it comes to color, versatile in shape, and environmentally friendly. Wood fence is easy to pair with your home’s aesthetic with paint and stain.
  • Agricultural Fence: We classify agricultural fencing as garden, ranch, and farm fencing, and these types of fences come in a variety of materials, aesthetics, and functionality. From barbed wire to high-tensile to electric fencing, agricultural fencing has a wide range of uses. Before choosing an agricultural fence, first determine what your fencing needs are—such as keeping horses in or protecting your garden—then choose a fence that fits those requirements and has the aesthetic you like.


The next factor you need to look into is fence size. Size is pretty self-explanatory: the bigger the yard you have, the more fence you will need. Yard shape and perimeter will determine the size of your desired fence. Are you currently located in a subdivision or are you located on larger acreage outside of town? By looking at your current property lines, you will be able to determine the size and shape that is perfect for you. Using the perimeter of your yard, we can provide a free estimate for your desired fence based on the style and amount of fencing materials needed. 


As a Montana company, we know our state can bring a range of weather patterns, including rain, snow, wind, and hail. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a fence for your property. In Montana, choosing a fence that is durable in all climate conditions is critical. Changing weather can cause wood splitting, cracked material, or sinking if not installed correctly. At Montana Fence, all our products are fit for Montana weather conditions with proper installation. 

HOA Compliances 

Another important factor to consider when deciding on a fence is your neighborhood HOA restrictions. HOA rules are set in place for safety, visibility issues, and neighborhood aesthetics. We recommend all homeowners get these guidelines from their HOA before shopping for a fence: 

  • Length and width of pickets 
  • Height requirements 
  • Distance fence must be from the property line- this is referred to as a setback 
  • Fence material 
  • Mandatory approval and check-ins 

Accent Piece through Color and Material 

After considering the functional necessities, you want to consider how to add your own style to your fence to make your backyard stand out. We can do this by using the fence as an accent piece to your yard and home. Fence material and color can transform your current look and create the ambiance you’ve always wanted. Our team can help you plan and bring your vision to life.

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