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Ultimate Guide to Garden, Farm, and Ranch Fencing

We're lucky to live in the Northwest. We're surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, pristine rivers, and rural farm and ranch lands dotted with Black Angus cattle. It's a special place to live. Out here, garden, farm, and ranch fencing plays a pivotal role in...

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Ultimate Guide to Ornamental Iron Fencing

From the intricate scrolls of New Orleans’ balconies to the latticework of the Eiffel Tower, ornamental iron has a long and fashionable history. Known for its bold, black look, iron has long been utilized in a variety of architectural structures—particularly...

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Ultimate Guide to Wood Fences and Gates

American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.” From the warm hue of redwood to the creamy white grain of spruce, each type of wood is unique, down to each knot and striation. What...

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Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Fences and Gates

Are you looking for fencing alternatives for your home or business that are more secure and visually appealing than chain link? Do you want to avoid the dreaded painting and staining maintenance of wood fences? Vinyl fences and gates may be the solution you’re looking...

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Ultimate Guide to Chain Link Fences and Gates

No matter where you live, you’ve likely come across chain link fences and gates. In fact, chain link is so ubiquitous, you probably see it every day, whether it’s at a park, a city pool, or in your own backyard. That is largely because it’s one of the most...

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How to Prepare for a Fence Estimate: the Experts’ Advice

As fencing contractors, we’re probably a little biased, but we’re not stretching the truth when we say that installing a new fence is a smart move. Whether you are looking for enhanced security and privacy around your property, better protection for your children and...

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Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Which is Better for Your Home

If you have scanned our website, you are aware of the vast array of fence options available at Montana Fence. From farm and ranch fence options to wood and metal fencing, we make sure you have all the information you need about fencing at your fingertips! Today we are...

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5 Benefits of a Wood and Metal Fence for Your Property

Fence options—there are so many! Wood, vinyl, and chainlink are some of the names many people recognize, but today we’re talking about one of our favorite choices at Montana Fence: our wood and metal fence. This unique fence style is made of wood paneling paired with...

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4 Best Fence Materials to Use on Your Ranch

Fencing plays an important role in farm and ranch operations. A strong, durable fence that can withstand harsh weather conditions, wildlife, and livestock is an asset to your business and lifestyle. At Montana Fence, we have many fencing options to fit the needs of...

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