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Do you sell materials to the public?

We do! The best way to get an accurate quote is to draw us a picture of your project with gate locations. This allows us to break your project down for you and only sell you what you need to do the job. Some locations can even rent out equipment and tools to help!

When are we getting our fence installed?

We install all residential fences based on deposit dates. We try to give an approximate install time but things like weather, equipment malfunctions, and sick days can affect this timeline. Once you see public utilities marked, that is the best indication that we are on our way soon. The foreman of the project will also give you a call the day before they get out there to meet with you on the first day of the project.

Why did you change your name?

Previously we were Mild Fence, Great Falls Fence, Bridger Fence, and Frontier Fence. We changed our name in 2021 to better reflect the growing family of branches across the state…and to not accidentally bid against each other on projects.

What would cause a delay in a fence installation?

We try our best to install your fence within the time frame you’re given when we receive your deposit. Examples of a schedule change can include weather events, sick employees, accidents, or unforeseen equipment issues.

Do I have to be there when the fence is installed?

Yes! It is crucial that you meet the crew on the job site on the first day to go through the layout of your project and review what you have contracted with Montana Fence. It is also essential to be there when the project is completed.

Who is responsible for clearing my fence line?

You, the customer, are responsible for any clearing, brush/tree removal, or leveling/grade work, which needs to be completed prior to the arrival of the install crew. Clearing, tree removal, etc. is not typically a part of the fence building process unless otherwise noted on the contract.

Who is responsible for finding my property pins?

When fencing property lines, it is your responsibility to clearly have survey pins visible or the fence’s layout marked.

What should I do about HOA and county covenants?

You will want to make sure you have secured approval from your HOA and the county if there are special covenants.

How long will it take to fence my property?

The average fence project takes 1 – 1 ½ weeks to complete. In some circumstances, we install your posts the first week (this allows the concrete to set and gives us time to build your gates to fit the actual gate opening) and finish the fence approximately 6 – 9 business days later.

Who has the public utilities marked?

Montana Fence is responsible for having the public utilities marked.

Who has the private utilities marked?

It is your, the owner’s, responsibility to have any private, underground utilities marked, including sewer, drain field, septic lines, water/well lines, propane gas, privately installed electricity to outbuildings, etc.

Do I need to worry about my underground irrigation system?

Montana Fence is not responsible for locating or repairing underground sprinkler lines or heads. Please have your underground sprinkler lines and heads well-marked. If we punch through a line, we will pull it so you know to have it repaired.

How do I get into your installation schedule?

First, an estimator will meet you at your property to go through the scope of your project. You will receive an estimate via email. If it lines up with your expectations, you will sign the contract online. To get into the schedule, we need half of the total project cost as a deposit.

If you have a cancellation, can I move ahead in the installation schedule?

We install fences based on the date of your deposit. If someone cancels, everyone moves forward in the schedule.

When do I pay the balance owed on my fence?

The balance of your payment is due upon completion of your fence. Once it has been completed, we will email an invoice.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer a 6-month financing program through Wells Fargo. The credit application must be completed prior to the installation of your fence. We ask that you pay the deposit and finance the remaining balance.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more.

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