Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Which is Better for Your Home

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Vinyl vs wood fence

If you have scanned our website, you are aware of the vast array of fence options available at Montana Fence. From farm and ranch fence options to wood and metal fencing, we make sure you have all the information you need about fencing at your fingertips! Today we are going to be comparing two of our most popular fence selections: vinyl vs wood fences. At Montana Fence, we want our customers to be educated so they can make the right decision for themselves (we are always here to help of course). With that being said, we have created a guide to help you decide which material will best fit your needs based on affordability, durability, aesthetics, and more.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence

Initial Cost


Depending on style and wood type, a wood fence is known for being affordable and cost-efficient. The most cost-effective style is a standard dog-ear cedar privacy fence. Pricing increases with the added material required for styles like cap and trim or horizontal. We are always happy to get you the latest pricing at any of our locations! The cost of a wood fence increases with installation. At Montana Fence, we provide FREE fence estimates for installation or materials only.


Although vinyl is not the cheapest fence when compared to other options, it doesn’t need much maintenance and is fairly easy to install. There is not much need for upkeep or expensive yearly upkeep like staining or power washing, so the upfront cost can be worth it! The most cost-effective option is a standard white privacy vinyl fence. There is room for customization with decorative caps and a variety of colors including woodgrain that are more expensive but add some personality to that classic white fence look.

Aesthetics: Vinyl vs Wood Fence


We all know each material serves its own unique aesthetic (we have even talked about it in our how-to guide for choosing an aesthetic fence that’s also functional). Wood material serves a classic look that everyone loves. Wood is easy to pair with any established home aesthetic as the material is easy to stain or paint. Wood fence provides a neutral look and traditional feel to complement gardens, neighborhoods, and landscapes nicely. Wood fence even doubles as a privacy fence giving you your own private oasis at home.


Vinyl is known for its white picket fence and “American dream” aesthetic. This classic look never goes out of style and compliments any neighborhood or rural home. Because vinyl material will not rot and is easy to clean, using a vinyl fence near gardens is not a problem. Vinyl comes in many different styles ranging from faux-wood grain to faux-stone and can also be found in different board shapes and colors.

Durability & Maintenance: Vinyl vs Wood Fence


A wood fence presents homeowners with different challenges like wood rot, warping, and general wear and tear. With that being said, fixes are quick and affordable with the help of a professional. Wood panels are easily replaced with new pickets and boards, wood can be refinished and stained, and with annual examinations, wood rot can be prevented. You can find all maintenance tips for your wood fence in our Guide to Fence Maintenance for Every Fence Material!


Unlike a wood fence, vinyl fencing is not as easily altered once installed. In other words, the material cannot be painted or stained. However, it is easy to keep clean. Simply rinse your fence off with a garden hose or use soap or a Simple Greenwash for a deep clean. Vinyl repairs can be more difficult when compared to repairing a wood fence. Extreme weather can be brutal on vinyl material and create cracks or holes in the fence. Vinyl is installed like legos in that the pieces interconnect and lock together. What’s nice about this is, like with wood, if damage occurs, you don’t have to replace an entire panel like you would with a box store product. You only have to worry about a single picket or rail. If you are having trouble with maintaining your vinyl fence or want to know how it goes together, our team is happy to discuss this with you! We also have samples and displays at all of our store locations that you are welcome to come take a look at.

Can’t decide? Let us help!

Our team believes that each customer knows what they want: we just help them find that! Montana Fence values each customer’s wants and needs because we know fencing is a large investment. We hope this information is helpful when deciding what type of fence best fits your needs. To discuss functionality, durability, and price of materials for your Montana home, give us a call or find us online.

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